Flash Animation

What Is The Purpose Of Flash Animation?   Flash animation provides a visual and audio experience for your visitors. With Flash your companys logo can be animated to capture your visitors attention. Or present a short Flash animated introduction driving a message to people visiting your website, wooing them into spending time learning about your product or service.
A Very Effective Marketing Tool Flash animation is virtually everywhere on the internet today. Why? Because it is a strategic and effective marketing tool. Look at your competitors! They are probably are using this powerful method of capturing their website visitors attention. Flash is also used for broader purposes such as photo galleries, product or service promotion, presenting videos and video training, online tutorials, complete with speech and animation. There are a multitude of reasons for using Flash animation to promote your product or service.
Is There A Disadvantage To An "All Flash" Website? Unfortunately the answer is simply "yes". If you create an all Flash website you drastically narrow your chances of being found on the web. The reason is that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN cannot "see" Flash. Without going into a lot of technical jargon, search engines read text and links, search engines cannot read graphics or animation.
Stategically Incorporate Flash Animation Into Your Website One strategy for incorporating the power of Flash animation is creating what is known as a "hybrid" website. This technique uses Flash as a tool to keep visitors at your site while still providing plenty of search engine friendly content.

Flash Animation

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Flash Animation requires big attention to detail, designing a manuscript and lots of patience. It is therefore common that prices for such animations are based on project complexitivity and project duration.
Contact us for an approximate extimate for your photo gallery, product or service promotion animation.

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