Watch this Video about People and Machinery

For many Internet users it always has been a mystery what happens or how their email gets delivered where it should. How come if I type an URL, the webpage that I want opens in my web browser? How do pages, words and images get on a website and on my Monitor? What does a Firewall do? Indeed for many a brain twister....


So, many years ago, one of my teachers gave us this short move about TCP, IP, Router and Switches. This movie will reveal any questions you had about the Internet. And even if you don't care how your email gets delivered or how a website gets loaded, it is still an entertaining 12 minutes!



For the first time in history…
People and machinery are
working together, realizing a dream…
A uniting force that knows no
geographical boundaries.
Without regard to race, creed or color.
A new era where communication
truly brings people together…
This is

Movie Time: 12:56 min


Ericson Media lap proudly presents:
“Warriors of the Net”
IP for Peace

A film by…
Production & Original Idea – Thomas Stephanson
Design & Animation – Gunilla Elam
Music & Sound – Niklas Hanberger
Manuscript – Tomas Stephanson, Monte Reid
Narration – Monte Reid

TCP Packet
ICMP Ping Packet
UDP Packet
The Router
Ping of Death
The Router Switch
Supported by a cast of million


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