Monthly Archives: March 2011

From Prospect to Evangelist: Optimizing Relationships with Social Media

Social media provides you with a platform to develop great relationships and nurture prospects into evangelists. But are you using this system to its full potential?

Do you know what are the best tools to identify brand evangelists and industry influencers? What if you lose important customer contact information from your Facebook fan page or LinkedIn account?

HubSpot, oneforty and Backupify unite in this ebook to walk you through the process of generating prospects and turning them into evangelists.

In this 27-page eBook, you will learn:

  • How to generate leads in the first place
  • How to efficiently monitor conversations and brand mentions
  • What tools to use for rewarding advocates
  • How to manage & document your conversations on social media

Download the Prospect-to-Evangelist eBook! here or from Hubspot directly.