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I get asked almost every day, about online marketing, search engine optimization and on how to improve web site rankings. Most website owners don’t even know what all those terms mean, but our society is so online driven that we hear new terms and words through friends and media daily.

More surprisingly website owners don’t realize, that if you want a professional to help you gain positions in your rankings and create incoming traffic to your website, that the cost can be up to triple the cost of your website.

In fact the cost of creating a website is only a fraction of the search engine optimization cost. A SEO professional will estimate you the cost of website optimization from $4000 to $5000 a month. Of course this cost depends on the size of your website.

There are companies that offer advice and recommendations starting from $200-$400 a month. This cost is very reasonable if you’re a small business and you’re depending on online sales. I’d say this is rather an indispensable service.

For smaller business owners who don’t want to invest in such services, but rather, as I call them, DIY (do it yourself) I collected a list of business networking sites.

This is if you’re serious about your business and about putting your name out there, than you’ll have to spend some major time networking.

I’m sure you’re then quickly realize why professionals are charging these amounts of money for their services.

Most of these sites offer more articles and links at the bottom to further information or related topics, so make sure to scroll to the end of the article.


List of social networking websites

Wikipedia the Free online Encyclopedia is offering a list of social networking websites.

Social networking sites dos and don’ts

CNN and wrote an article about dos and don’ts for social networking sites. They explain what potential employers are looking for.

50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence on

InsideCRM did a research about how websites help your company, advertise recruit and more…

There is a list about Social-Media/Social-Bookmarking Sites, Professional-Networking Sites, Niche Social-Media Sites, General Social-Media Sites, Job Sites.

A complete List of business Networking Websites for CEO’S and Entrepreneurs

You’ll find a list of the most famous Business-Media, Business Online Networking Sites.

The Top Websites to Find Freelance Work Online

Find Freelance Work

11 Business Networking Sites Suited for Online Reputation Management and SEO

This site includes links and some more information about SEO and online reputation.

Use Social Networking Sites to Find Jobs : Career Networking and Business Networking Sites

This site offers links divided by business category and what to do once you signed up plus tons of more links to tips and information.

10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs

More links for entrepreneurs.


Online Business Networking offers tons of articles and information. If you are a DIY (do it yourself) you should read this article.

How to use social networking sites to boost business

Social media marketing is a fast-growing innovation, tapping into the rising influence of user-generated communities such as blogs, wikis, networking, and bookmarking sites.

Are Social Networking Sites Useful for Business?

To get the most out of social networking sites, small companies should look past the hype, set concrete business goals, then start experimenting.

Nine Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

TechCrunch is offering an article about ways to build your own network.

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  1. Another just recently launched business networking site is TheCardBoard. A free online business card bulleting board. More free advertising and link back to your website.

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